Sopra Steria and Microsoft announce their partnership to launch an hybrid cloud services offering

Paris, February 4th, 2019 

Sopra Steria and Microsoft are teaming up to meet the need for digital agility in organisations. This partnership is based on almost 15 years of collaboration. With more than 720 certified consultants and 800 innovative Microsoft technology projects, Sopra Steria is a “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner”.


Sopra Steria and Microsoft are deepening their collaboration to further develop activities around Microsoft technologies, especially the Microsoft Azure platform, which brings together Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Workplace, CRM, and of course Cloud services in one place.


Over the last few years, the Cloud has become essential. More and more, institutions and companies are using this technology to store and analyse their data, host their applications, and use online software. This increasing reliance on the Cloud reflects organisations’ desire to facilitate work for all employees and customers by providing access to the information they need, no matter where they are, while also improving maintainability and security.


“With the broad cloud adoption, we have to think about potential cybersecurity risks, especially for Operators of Essential Services in sectors such as Banking, Energy, Transportation, and Public Safety. These organisations may want to migrate to the Cloud, but they don’t necessarily want to transfer their entire information system to a public cloud. To meet their particular needs and support their digital transformation, we have created this hybrid cloud services offering with Microsoft.” says Cyril Malargé, Sopra Steria Executive Director for France.


This solution blends the flexibility of a public cloud (Pay-as-you-go, resource elasticity, automatic resilience from running applications from different locations) with the security of a private cloud.


Using a DevOps approach, Sopra Steria adopts a proactive strategy, allowing it to develop a tailor-made offer that is adapted to meet customer expectations, whether that means accelerating native cloud service development, offering Go2Cloud support, or helping the customer to build their own platforms.


“Based on their needs, Sopra Steria can now provide its customers with a dedicated cloud that can connect to any public cloud, creating a hybrid operating environment. Working with Microsoft also allows us to improve our employees’ skill set”, explained Cyril Malargé.


“The hybrid Cloud is one of the keystones needed for large companies’ digital transformation. Microsoft is investing in this area to provide our customers with custom solutions that are secure and agile, based on our Azure cloud platform. Our Azure Stack collaboration with Sopra Steria therefore complements our hybrid Cloud services in France, and more datacenters opened there in March 2018.” concluded Carlo Purassanta, CEO of Microsoft France.